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Sil Yanku is a swiss music-producer, singer and the founder of Inverso Records. He was born in Romania and lives in St. Gallen/Switzerland and Boston/USA.

Sil Yanku started his singing-career in his native town of Ploiesti (Romania) - in a manner common to many artists, at the school and church choirs.

In the beginning of the 1990's Sil emigrated to Germany, where he finished off his education. Other highlights of the early days of his carreer include the establishment of the band Cent-RO in 1992, where up to year 2000 Sil Yanku was the leader and front-singer. The band published several songs on Romanian compilations and performed at concerts.

In the year of 2001 Sil moved to Switzerland in order to study at the Belvoirpark-Hotel-Management-School in Zurich. After finishing the studies he started to work and - at the same time - began to launch his solo career.

From april 2005 to august 2006 Sil is collaborating with Piredda Entertainment/Switzerland and Sotti Records New York/USA. In summer/autumn 2005 Sil recorded his first solo album "The Way I Feel" under the artistic name of In-Verso; In december 2005 he shot a professional videoclip for the song "All That I Have 2005" in Romania. At the beginning of 2006 In-Verso's first solo album "The Way I Feel" was published in Romania".

From August to October 2006 In-Verso's single " Nu Pot Sa Intzeleg" was at the top of the charts of Radio Top Switzerland. Since the beginning of September 2006 the Spanish version (No Puedo Entender) of "Nu Pot Sa Intzeleg" is played on Radio Top as well.

Since September 2006 Sil is collaborating with Roberto Soldatini. Roberto Soldatini is the conductor of the "Orchestra di Potenza" Italy.

On 14th September 2006 Silviu took part and performed as IN-VERSO in an AIDS charity-performance in Bucharest with other famous romanian artists. The concert was televised on Romanian national-TV.

Since the beginning of January 2007 Sil Yanku's Ballad "Nu Pot Sa Intzeleg" is played on radio 94,7 Costa Rica, Italy, and many Romanian radio-stations.

At the end of march 2007 Sil signed a contract with an Italian record-company named Compagna Nuove Indye - Look Studio Italy. During the process of signing this contract Sil changed is artistic name In-Verso to Sil Yanku, which is a combination of the given name "Silviu" and the surname "Iancu".

At the end of May 2008 Sil went in studio again and recorded his songs "Cry" and "Ploua Incet" The first single Sil Yanku "Pump It Up" it‘s been published this summer (2009) on the European market under license of Universal Music/Mercury Records.

Since September 2009 Sil Yanku‘s first album „Nu Pot Sa Intzeleg“ it‘s been released under license  of CNI Music and Universal Music France/Mercury Records.

2009 Sil Yanku represented Romania at the International TV Song Festival of Malta (on 01.May 2009) and in July (on 04th of July) he represented Switzerland in Tenerife.

Since September 2011 Sil Yanku is collaborating with Dr. Andrew DiLernia in order to produce his new album.